Forgiveness. Deliverance. Healing.

Our Objectives here at Love Outreach Pentecostal Church

are to provide compassionate aftercare for newly released ex-
offenders, that they can reintegrate
back into society with minimal problems.

To Accomplish these Objectives:


To provide Weekly Church Services and Bible Study at the Halfway

Houses in the community or adjacent to the community.


Transportation is also provided. 


 Sunday morning services start at 9:30am at Love Outreach

Pentecostal Church located at 4172 W. 76th Avenue, Westminster,

CO 80030.


We also assist ex-offenders so that they may receive spiritual


Love Outreach is dedicated to developing meaningful, trustworthy

relationships with the inmates while they are still in prison.

Another one of our objectives is assisting by helping them to

prepare necessary documentation before they are paroled, so they

may obtain shelter, employment and food.

We will offer Big Brother and Big Sister companions and mentors
as role models. This is to ensure a successful reintegration back
into society.

We will do this to help reduce the desire for returning to the initial
circumstances that led to incarceration.